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Two cuties as a cute couple!
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Apparently now there's a DA account of :iconmackthehero: ... how long before a Becky and a Mayapple(sorry if i accidentally misspelled it) account appears :XD:
Watching Jontron videos certainly cheered me up after playing through the worst level in Dragon Quest 7
Dark souls series ... games i want to play but ... i don't exactly want to rage :XD:
Once Again sorry i haven't been active today ether ... been playing Dragons Quest 8 3DS a lot today

Journal History

got tagged by :iconartsyowlfree3:

1) What kind of DA person are you?
Well im one of those people who likes RPs and sharing your OCs through bios and faving art i really like ... and a weird shipper(aka ships ether good or outright weird couples even those no one has ever shipped before)

2) Favorite memory made in school?
Hmm even through i hate school i have to say the friends i made and passing math(i hate math fuck it) is a good memory

3) What would you do if you met me randomly?
I dunno say hi?

4) You are an animal for a day.  What animal and why?
Cat .... cause their adorable
5) Favorite holiday and Why?
I have to say christmas(GIMMIE PRESENTS)
6) When answering questions on tagged posts or journals do you ever skip around and answer the easy or hard questions first?
I do them from the first question to the last question no matter what

7) Ever have a moment where you are watching a movie or anime and wish you could live in it?
Not really although i have to say ... that world looks way better then the hell hole im in (our world is going on the path to destruction! :XD:)

8) Cats, Dogs, both or other pet person?
Both but i like cats more

9) Do you believe in heaven or reincarnation or something else?
No i don't really believe in god

10) Any silly fears?
Well no not really ... i think i don't remember

11) Do you wish you could give yourself answers  to questions you ask and never find an answer to?
Yeah i guess i mean sometimes internet is no fucking help

12) Favorite Anime?
I love pokemon, digimon and used to watch dragonball z and i taken a liking to panty and stocking with garterbelt

13) Do you hate or dislike when you take a test and four or more answers in a row on a section are the same
well yes and no ... yes on it makes it way to easy and no on its easy to do

so i guess i'll come up with my own questions for you to answer

1)  Do you enjoy using deviantart?
2) What's your favorite kind of pet?
3) Ever meet anyone you did not like? (aka hated or something)
4) What is life?
5) Your favorite pokemon and why? (of corse if you do have one)
6) Your favorite villain of all time and why?
7) Have you ever made a OC and if you did what's your favorite OC you made?
8) You have one wish ... what would you wish for?
9) Do you have a character from anything like cartoon or game or what you hate?
10) Your favorite couple? (can be yoai or yuri or male/female)
11) Do you like horror?
12) You have a million dollars what would you do with it?
13) Okay any last words before your soul is sucked out?

  • Listening to: color splash music
  • Reading: fuck reading :XD:
  • Watching: protonjon dead space stream videos
  • Playing: um my 3ds?
  • Eating: nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: dr. pepper cherry


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christian w york
United States
i am a fan of sonaze and i am really kind and i love mario one last thing all hail markiplier and ludwig von koopa/bowser jr

CosmoxTails Stamp by LinkMasterXP Big the Cat stamp by SonicAngel948 .: AT- Ice Queen Stamp :. by Ximona Ghetsis Stamp by licchan Archie ORAS stamp by FlameFatalis Maxie ORAS stamp by FlameFatalis
Zavok Fan Button by ButtonsMaker PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Stamp - Team Aqua by kaitoupirate JacklexNiGHTS by MonoShuga Kabutops Stamp by ice-fire

Mario Party 10 Button [Updated!] by FoxButtonMaker

Galacta Knight Fan Stamp by FrostFlurry92
Misunderstood Biolizard - Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl
{Stamp} Tailamy by galaxypuppyelectric

good friends/buddies on DA


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You type in <strke> Words </strke> spelled correctly as strike obviously.
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Hey thanks so much for the fave! Sorry for the super late reply but I've been inactive on dA for a while until recently. Expect new stuff soon! :D (Big Grin)
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Your very welcome =D

We all know by now muk backwards is spelled k(c)um :XD: :XD: poor muk
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Hahaha I always hated how the poison type pokemon of gen 1 looked
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I always hated how there are no good poison type moves in gen 1
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