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Top 5 favorite Mario and Luigi Dream Team bosses
Hello its your King Of Darkness ZDarkKing and i love Mario & Luigi Dream Team for 3DS. Its a great RPG game with great gameplay and your everyday Mario story but in RPG form and its alright by Mario standards but the best part is the boss fights. The bosses are great and challenging but what are my favorite bosses, well this is what this top 5 is for so here's my top 5 favorite dream team bosses.
#5 Giant Bowser
The final Giant Battle is a fun, challenging, and a great way to use Giant Luigi for the final time so why is it number 5?, Well i'll say later but first how it starts is that Luigi is brave, not scared, but brave as he is ready to face and defeat Bowser alongside his Bro and the battle is just great as the floor is slowly being destroyed while you push Bowser back and it is so epic especially that final part but why is it only Number 5?
Because the final part PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH!!!!!, Why?, Well you have to guide a giant star that Mario is riding usin
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Pokemon Oc Garrus the Garchomp the Thief
Name: Garrus
Gender: Male
Species: Garchomp
Appearance: A garchomp who always has those bag things that go on the left side(or right) of your solder(Or however its spelt i dunno) and the bag is at the um .... you know just can't remember what they are called.
Personality: Surprisingly honorable and well-mannered for a Thief.
Backstory: Not much is know about him other then his title Garchomp the Thief and that he saved Shio from Corrupted when she was just a child after her real parents were killed by corrupted for some reason yet no one knows why he's a thief when he helped out the heroes who stood against the corrupted yet did thievery but his past is extremely mysterious as well why he became a thief when he help the heroes who stood against the corrupted.
Also apparently met Wigglytuff and Team Charm at some point in his life as he knows who they are as well they who he is.
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 2 2
The Great God Biting Pear Of Salamanca
Biting Pear is love and Biting Pear is life.
We all should take our time and give in to our Biting Pear Overlord.
Don't forget to love the Biting Pear today.
The End.
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 1 9
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Undertale Meme
Favorite Character: THE GREAT PAPYRUS!
Honorable mentions: Muffet(Adorable spider girl), Asgore(king fluffybuns)
Least Favorite Character: Jerry cause jerry cause no one likes him :XD:
Overrated Character: Sans ... don't even try to deny it ... i love sans but he is overrated
Underrated Character: Asgore
Poor King Fluffybuns ... i think asgore gets too much hate and i felt sorry for the guy considering his wife left him and his son died ... he's just a allround nice guy who didn't want to kill the humans but in a way had to to get his people to freedom
Favorite Song: Spider Dance and Metal Crusher are my favorites
Favorite Parings: Charisk, Undyrus, Asgoriel
Charisk: I don't know what it
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Pokemon OC Ultra Beast
Ultra Beast 07 Chaos(UB-07)
Type: Dark/Psychic
Appearance: Obviously a very chaotic appearance like it doesn't look normal
Gender: N/A but its referred to as a male
Dex entry: A chaotic beast with the strangest appearance unlike the others, It seems friendly despite being a chaotic monster from another world
Special Move: Chaos Strike
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My Undertale Headcanons - Frisk
- Frisk is female
- Frisk is a adult years after the events in undertale
- Frisk (Obviously) lives with Goat mom Toriel and Goat Dad Asgore and Goat bro Asriel
- Frisk manged to save Asriel and Chara
- Frisk is dating Chara(Who is also a adult and female)
- Frisk doesn't mind Sans constant Puns and even enjoys them as well finding it funny when Papyrus yells SANS after one of his puns
- Frisk constantly hangs out with Sans and THE GREAT PAPYRUS
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 0 6
The Corrupted
Name: Well they all are called corrupted but they often call each other generic names cause why not
Age: No age ... they all are immortal ... aka they don't age
Gender: They kinda don't have genders but are usually male or female depending on what the gender they were before becoming corrupted
Description: Corrupted are creatures that once were pokemon but ether get corrupted by the Corrupt king or they died and the black goop like darkness corrupts their souls turning them into corrupted
Personality: Except for Corrupt king, Areoslash, and Crimson Slash ... they all are kinda dumb/idiots but there are smart ones and they are a huge threat no matter what
Design: Redid it on miiverse i think i messed up a little cause they are supposed to be thinner, and its arms are supposed to be claws like arm, hand claw and its arms are supposed to be longer as well taller
Do read the description
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 1 3
Valix Cases On People And Stuff
ZGreenKing The Terror Of The Universe
Now this guy is extremely terrifying and way more evil then our Great king or lord ZDarkKing ... seriously this guy only has a robot army and no one else ... and he even MURDERED a princess during his destroying a planet ... not even ZDarkKing who is well obviously evil wouldn't murder a princess ... and this guy scares me ... especially his voice (shudders) that voice just makes him all the more terrifying ... but luckily if he sees your planet as a waste of his time to destroy or if its just not worth destroying ... he'll leave your planet alone forever ... no wonder people call him the Terror of the Universe ... did i mention that he FREAKING MURDERED A PRINCESS ... AND KINGS AND QUEENS AND PRINCES ... also his goal is destroy the entire universe ... but leaves the worthless planets alive for perhaps slaviry(ZDarkKing note: Slavery Valix Slavery not slaviry) and make them build ... something i don't know
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Valix Cases on people and stuff
Our great Lord ZDarkKing the soon to be ruler of the planet who's name i forget(ZdarkKing note: Malastie Valix Malastie) nothing can't beat him ... except ZLightKing and ZGreenKing ... don't be mad my lord please ... it is true .... DON'T KILL ME!!!! ... anyway the leader of a massive army, his goal is to capture Princess Mala and conquer that planet ... and defeat ZLightKing and his friends ...  especially ZGreenKing ... curse him ... im not sure what else to put so ... meme? ... i'll stop writing now (ZDarkKing note: See what i mean ... he's smart just he acts stupid a lot ... dunno why)
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Already another game im interested in
So there's a new game im interested in ... Its called Nefarious ... not Dr. Nefarious the hilarious ratchet and clank villain ... a game where you play as the Villain Crow in reverse boss fights and good music as well ... it looks interesting and if what i heard is true about the creator of Nefarious trying to get the game on the Wii U or maybe the Switch then i be able to play it ... cause i don't have a steam account and im not sure if my computer can run it :XD:
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 1 0
Violet The Mismagius
Name: Violet
Species: Mismagius
Gender: Female
Side: Evil
Personality: Violet is flirty and always considers herself to be the most beautiful female in the pokemon world but ain't afraid to get nasty if the situation calls for it
Appearance: She is a normal Mismagius but wears a purple bow
Allys: Often helps Slasher the Kabutops but they usually never get along
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 0 2
Shio The Riolu/Mawile Hybrid
Name: Shio
Gender: Female
Age: I actually have no idea or i forgot all i can say around the same age as buizel
Appearance: A hybrid pokemon she is half riolu/mawile ... shio is a mawile but with riolu like parts to her
Family: Ryu(son), ... im not so sure on Buizel being the husband nowadays :XD: but Buizel(husband)
Personality: A tomboyish Hybrid pokemon she always wants to protect her friends and family but cannot handle tragedy well
Friends: Shell, Espri(i think can't remember :XD:), Aeroslash
Enemies: The Corrupted, Corrupt king, Crimson Slash
Backstory: When she was young and unable to fight Shio was a orphan who was being hunted by Corrupted but was saved by Garchomp the Thief?(question mark because he does things that a theif would never do) and eventually was taken in by her now parents Zanon(A riolu/Lucario) and mawile of the expodition society(or whatever they were called) and eventually has to save the pokemon world from The Corrupted
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 1 3
Slasher The Kabutops
Name: Slasher the kabutops
Gender: Male
Appearance: A kabutops but has a scar on his right eye and a malicious slasher smile at all times
Allys: Two regular omastars
Backstory: Not much is know about his past other then he's a criminal along with the omastars in their team called Team Slasher
Personality: Really mean and ruthless, he doesn't like losing and enjoys the pain of others
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 2 4
Fan Made Pokemon OC
Pokemon: Gearstar
Type: Machine
Gender ratio: 50/50
Appearance: Don't have a design ... well i kinda do but ... you know
Evolves: Into Gearark at level 24
Known moves: I actually don't know what moves it should have
Pokedex entry: The friendlest machine type, it is always happy seen by its constant smile and carrys two gears on its back for fighting
Weak against: Electric, Water
Strong against: Rock, Ice
:iconzdarkking:zdarkking 1 8
OC stuff
Zarhos: A legendary pirate who seeks to prove he's the best and always wants to get the treasure before his rival Ayrostratul does, he can get angry pretty quickly and is not that nice a guy at first but when he finds a boy with a eagle like body(He's both human and eagle) with no memory of his past along the way to get a legendary treasure sought after by many he just might change(personality) and perhaps even help save the world from a great evil ... maybe(Hint he has a small unnoticed crush on Arcachnia but never shows it)
Ayrostratul: A human/dragon hybrid he is very confident and never backs down from a fight, He looks down on others who are weak and believes every loss he has is just his opponent was lucky and is a rival to Zarhos
Arcachnia: A spider lady she loves gold and hates it when her crew members are hurt, She can be very flirty and loves getting her way but is not extremely evil just would do anything for gold
Dread: Perhaps the most evil of all pirates and is feared by
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Pokemon - Ten Years Later by Kenichi-Shinigami Pokemon - Ten Years Later :iconkenichi-shinigami:Kenichi-Shinigami 75 15 Winter Smiles by Rindiny Winter Smiles :iconrindiny:Rindiny 131 68 A Rebelshipping Christmas by Reaper145 A Rebelshipping Christmas :iconreaper145:Reaper145 76 47 Commission: Rebelshipping by ky-nim Commission: Rebelshipping :iconky-nim:ky-nim 413 48 Kigo Wedding by KatiraMoon Kigo Wedding :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 1,097 77 Kigo by Yamino Kigo :iconyamino:Yamino 527 41 Kigo by OxWickedxFruitxO Kigo :iconoxwickedxfruitxo:OxWickedxFruitxO 298 23 Kigo- Garter Removal by batlesbo Kigo- Garter Removal :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 1,274 93 Kigo in dress 01 by celsoryuji Kigo in dress 01 :iconcelsoryuji:celsoryuji 1,161 161 A KiGo Winter by ElizaLento A KiGo Winter :iconelizalento:ElizaLento 906 46 Kigo Sketch by KatiraMoon Kigo Sketch :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 382 18 Kigo 2 by KatiraMoon Kigo 2 :iconkatiramoon:KatiraMoon 1,183 71 Kigo - My Blazing Princess by YogurthFrost Kigo - My Blazing Princess :iconyogurthfrost:YogurthFrost 1,215 198 Kigo Flirting by Silent-nona-light Kigo Flirting :iconsilent-nona-light:Silent-nona-light 404 32 Kigo- the return by batlesbo Kigo- the return :iconbatlesbo:batlesbo 739 231 Kigo by Taiki Kigo :icontaiki:Taiki 1,229 179




For a Pokemon DS game Pokemon White looks amazing especially the sprite work and the camera for skyview bridge and especially the models and it just looks quite pretty at times.
My Pokemon so far in Pokemon White.

Shell the Dewott

Bruce Lee the Swak

Luna the Musharna

WTF?!?! the Lillipup

Patdamn the Patrat

Mohnkeh! the Pansear
For remembering for later.
Shell the Samurott (As a male)

Bruce Lee the Sawk (Cause why the hell not )

Luna the Musharna (Hopefully Female if i can find a female one)

Eon the Golurk

Ghidorah the Hydreigon (Male and cause i feel the name fits well)

Mothra(or Ra) the Volcarona (I don't really care which gender it is)

Zekrom will only be used in the final N fight and against Ghetsis.

Journal History

So Bubsy is getting a new game ... apparently ... to be honest im interested ... i ain't gonna be surprised if its shit but who knows ... this could end up being ether good or decent.
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i am a fan of sonaze and i am really kind and i love mario one last thing all hail markiplier and ludwig von koopa/bowser jr

Undertale Stamps:
Charisk stamp by Yoshi1337 UT: Platonic Sans and Frisk by Sanstima-Stamps UT: Platonic Sans and Toriel by Sanstima-Stamps I Ship Asgore x Toriel! || Stamp by FloralPuns [Undertale] Fem!Chara Stamp by poi-rozen [Undertale] Fem!Frisk Stamp by poi-rozen
Platonic Soriel by littlesonallylover Asgore Stamp by Mintaka-TK i don't by Sweetie-Pinkie
Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale jump window by takocats

CosmoxTails Stamp by LinkMasterXP Big the Cat stamp by SonicAngel948 .: AT- Ice Queen Stamp :. by Ximona Ghetsis Stamp by licchan Archie ORAS stamp by FlameFatalis Maxie ORAS stamp by FlameFatalis
Zavok Fan Button by ButtonsMaker PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Stamp - Team Aqua by kaitoupirate JacklexNiGHTS by MonoShuga Kabutops Stamp by ice-fire

Mario Party 10 Button [Updated!] by FoxButtonMaker

Galacta Knight Fan Stamp by FrostFlurry92
Misunderstood Biolizard - Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl
{Stamp} Tailamy by galaxypuppyelectric

good friends/buddies on DA


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I thought Zoro vs Erza sucked. The research was bad. Of course I can't complain too often or people will get mad.
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Don't listen to people who say it's bad. It's pretty awesome. (In my opinion)
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Nah im gonna listen to those people cause i seen scenes of it and its horrible ... only good thing i remember from watching tons of reviews of it is video game references and such.

Seriously the plot made no sense after watching Reviews on it.

So why did you ask me this question on if i knew about ""Pixels"?
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